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Synthèse vocale libre : Mozilla et NVIDIA relancent le projet Common Voice.

Common Voice, lancé par Mozilla en 2017, vise à développer une solution de reconnaissance vocale libre. La technologie évolue de manière spectaculaire et intéresse de nouveaux acteurs. NVIDIA a choisi d’investir 1,26 million d’euros dans le projet.

Common Voice de Mozilla est une initiative open source visant à démocratiser et à diversifier le développement de la technologie vocale.

Ugh, finally someone did something about it !
I can't wait to see that generalized.

California bans ‘dark patterns’ that trick users into giving away their personal data - The Verge

Also includes good news for , with improved vector math support.

Ars Technica: Containerize all the things! Arm v9 takes security seriously

How does the brain interpret computer languages?

Neuroscientists detect a distinct brain network that grows stronger with practice.

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If I was a B2C company, I would have a "yeah, if are a 1st time user and subscribe, please record yourself and think out-loud while creating the account then send us the recording to get % off" page. This would be a cheap way to get feedback on user 1st time and onboarding :)

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Des exosquelettes pour soulager les soignants

La lutte contre l’épidémie s’accompagne de gestes techniques pour soulager les malades du Covid-19, mais certaines manipulations lourdes contribuent à l’épuisement du personnel soignant. Le projet ExoTurn propose de l’aider avec des exosquelettes.

Photon quantum computing!

Ars Technica: Programmable optical quantum computer arrives late, steals the show

The actual value of depends on the use case. The more the better does not necessarily stand (Rumpelstiltskin fallacy). But it does for ...

Adventures in NI: When marginal returns on data collapse, and when they do not

According to a fresh research (, CNAMEs are being abused to allow tracking company (like Criteo, etc...) to get your cookies as if they were the emitter (as if they were the first party).

The research demonstrate the trackers can even impersonate the victims on the impacted websites.

I heard about it on "Security Now" (

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La Somme figure parmi les 20 départements sur la sellette. La Préfète sonde les élus locaux sur « une mesure de confinement ».

Ce virus n’est pas un fantasme, j’ai pu le mesurer dans mon entourage. Et pourtant, je vais dire « non ». En voici les raisons.

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I think we all need cute little parrots in our Slacks/Mattermosts and this is THE place to get them (via ^^)

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Don't worry, this is not yet another MVC.
It's actually a very simple set of good practices that I do apply as much as I can.
I finally found the words to express it with this post.
It's a must-read for all software developers, it really applies everywhere.

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