D-Wave announces new hardware, compiler, and plans for quantum computing

In addition to its standard roadmap, D-Wave will try building gate-based systems.


Yet another good news for . Annealers, not necessarily quantum ones, can solve Monte Carlo problems more efficiently, and hence certain categories of problems.

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🎁 Free until: June 14th
🕹️ Title: Surviving Mars
🦊️ What's: A simulation game of Martian base construction inspired by plausible technologies and NASA photographs

💾️ Download it on: humblebundle.com/store/survivi
🎥️🏝️ youtu.be/l_rvTkwe9qo

🐘 From:
🔖 #linux #game #management #city-building

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If you like animals and illustrations, you should take a look at the inspiring work of @anaisfae@twitter.com
I am obviously a big fan of the stellar fox ^^

website: en.anaisfae.art/art
insta: instagram.com/anaisfae.art/

New port of the symbolic planner fast downward, by robotics: github.com/aldebaran/fast-down
Can be used for decision-making on robots, but also for problem solving, and logistics.

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Grand jury subpoena for user data, Central District of California, but there's not much data to give away...

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Synthèse vocale libre : Mozilla et NVIDIA relancent le projet Common Voice.

Common Voice, lancé par Mozilla en 2017, vise à développer une solution de reconnaissance vocale libre. La technologie évolue de manière spectaculaire et intéresse de nouveaux acteurs. NVIDIA a choisi d’investir 1,26 million d’euros dans le projet.

Common Voice de Mozilla est une initiative open source visant à démocratiser et à diversifier le développement de la technologie vocale. toolinux.com/?synthese-vocale-

Ugh, finally someone did something about it !
I can't wait to see that generalized.

California bans ‘dark patterns’ that trick users into giving away their personal data - The Verge

Also includes good news for , with improved vector math support.

Ars Technica: Containerize all the things! Arm v9 takes security seriously arstechnica.com/?p=1753363

How does the brain interpret computer languages?

Neuroscientists detect a distinct brain network that grows stronger with practice.


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If I was a B2C company, I would have a "yeah, if are a 1st time user and subscribe, please record yourself and think out-loud while creating the account then send us the recording to get % off" page. This would be a cheap way to get feedback on user 1st time and onboarding :)

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