And Apple too, of course. They are not in any way exempt from this. It makes me so disheartened that I have to get a Mac for my job, not because Linux won't run the software - it's all running in Docker - but because all the _other_ devs have Macs so that's what they've standardized the build environment and compliance on.

I'm sorry I'm so salty about this, but it's one of those things like good public transit or UBI that I can't help but look at and say, some small group people could simply get out of bed and say "Today I will make the world a better place." and just FIX it. And everyone's life would be slightly better forever.

And they don't. Every day.

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@tindall As IT guy (after my useless dev diploma), the only limitation I had was "it's better to do nothing than to do harm".

Makes 99% of jobs out there unsuitable, and because I could afford to not work most of the time, I just went with it (for the 1% remaining, I tried a few thing, but I somehow realized they were mostly "rare/very wanted" jobs, and it'd be just wrong to steal it from people who need it.

I finally created my own small 1 guy company. But it's luxury. It's not fair. :(


@tindall It's really not fair that we'd live in a world where it's acceptable to work for stuff we don't believe in. It's like... Autoritarian ? What we do everyday is the most political thing of all. People work everyday.

But being picky on the job is a luxury of a few. It's like... Unbearable. Why is this still a thing ? With internet, people talking and sharing... And still. We are here. This is puzzling.

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