Too bad there are no open networks used or availables on this page but the action is important I think!

Thank you The Guardian from @Mozilla

The Mozilla Foundation delivered a giant thank you card with 27,000 signatures to The Guardian for tackling misinformation.

Huawei invité à la discrétion. L'elysee demande de ne pas rendre public deux contrats en France d'une valeur supérieure à 2 mds d'euros..

Interesting read on climate change and our psyche

The Other Kind of Climate Denialism

How do we break down our resistance to confronting the apocalyptic possibilities of climate change?

"En raison du changement d'heure,[...] le site et l'application seront indisponibles"
Ça commence à faire longtemps que leur nouveau site est pourri...

Windows XP installation to try to run my old games: star wars racers, need for speed, battle for naboo, age of empires etc

Homemade pizza for the roomshare aka Humans working together towards the same goal

Take care of your mental health and GET TESTED FOR HEMOCHROMATOSIS (common genetic disease in France)

This chart, beginning at 0 in July 2017 is my cashflow ... 

After I had a nervous breakdown the 2nd of January I went to the doctor, asked for a checkup of my levels, of which iron. The results arrived, well, I have something called "Hemochromatosis" which is in short the opposite of anemia.
The rest of the year was basically recovering mentally and starting to get treated physically.

Mastodon Chapril

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