Hey #Fediverse, this is Prague calling!

We're thrilled to be part of #EUVoice and support the @EDPS in this new venture. @EU_Commission

This is an official account, managed by our social media ninjas!

Let us introduce ourselves with a video 😎

More #EUspace content to come 🛰️🌎


@EUSPA @EDPS @EU_Commission

Welcome to the Fediverse, your first step to more independence from big tech giants.

We obviously still have a looooong way to go, when you introduce yourself in a video hosted on YouTube, a Google owned datamine. If you really need to use YouTube, at LEAST link to it via one of the publicly available Invidious instances redirect.invidious.io/ or through piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=1rxT

Best would be, you setup and maintain a PeerTube instance and host your videos there.


@markus Well they already have one. EU has an official PeerTube video instance where EUSPA has an account and a video. Hence my comment.


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