I just want to write fluff slice of life fanfic 🥲

Okay so I found how to install my fanfic on my father's old kindle paperwhite....

I can read fanfictions and still look like I'm reading serious shit at school 😳

I'm thinking about writing some poesy phrases in calligraphy but in instead of in French or English 🤔

When I learn how to use all of unicode characters and DIY font in latex it's the end of all of you

I will make a fanfic in one of my conlang no one will understand why 😳

And Venti would be like "It's nothing, just continue sleeping" and Zhongli would because he trust Venti so much 🥺

Like idk... soft Zhongven 😅

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I want soft in which Venti kiss softly Zhongli on his face when he sleep. 🥺

Like they don't really show their emotions awake but during the night when they sleep together, zhongli feel so safe that his face relaxe. And then when Venti wake up he can't resist the pull to just kiss him really softly so that Zhongli don't wake up.

But then Zhongli would be half awakened by the contact and would murmure "Venti...?" to ask <What's going on ?>.

I want to see (or )where Kaeya just kiss diluc's hand at every occasion he gets.

Like, when Diluc goes out of Angel share, little kissu on the hand.

Kaeluc doesn't say "I love you" a lot, but Diluc knows Kaeya's love with the little kiss 🥺

Premier toot (?) sur Mastodon 😮 Hâte de continuer l'aventure dessus ! 😄

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